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Lostprophets daily
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Welcome to lps_daily, your source for daily pictures of Lostprophets. We encourage members to keep this community thriving & to do exactly what it says on the tin, post daily! Old or new pictures, whatever, just post and have fun! We welcome new members with open arms, just click that button! Thanks!


Any Questions? Don't hestiate to contact one of the maintainers:
xfakesoundx & _lady_eowyn_

Visit these sites:
Official Site
Credit for the userinfo layout goes to:
thesebullets Thanks!


Please read these very carefully!

1. This community is created to share photos of the boys daily. ALL posts must include a picture, or it may not be approved, context depedent. Some snippets of news on the boys is welcome, but there are more suitable communites on LJ for this. Icons are also welcome, although again there are probably more suitable communities for this.

2. For the sake of our sanity and friends pages, it probably should be imperative that all posts are be behind a cut. A teaser picture is welcome, but any more than that and things could get messy. Instructions on creating/using an LJ Cut can be found in the FAQ section on your naviagtion bar.

3. No direct linking. It's just rude, and it's not hard to use Photobucket.

4. This is perhaps the most important rule: There must be absolutely no discussion of the boys personal lives in this community. If something is publically, willfully posted online and you feel the need to share it then do so, but otherwise, this is strictly not allowed. Any unsuitable posts will be dealt with accordingly, and probably deleted, we must stress that this is not the place for them. If you are unsure about the legitmacy of a post, then contact one of the Mods, who, you have been warned, feel very strongly about this subject.

5. But above all have fun! That's what the community's all about, play nicely and your Mods will.