Sanne (_kobrakai_) wrote in lps_daily,

4am forever artwork

The epic 4:AM Forever is the next single to be taken from the massive Liberation Transmission album.

-does anyone have a bigger version of the artwork ? I wonder who's house it is...

I just pre-ordered the cd single + 2x7" vinyls.

You can download 4:AM Forever right now from all major download sites.

A very special limited edition download release being made available on Sat 28th April at 4am - INCLUDING an exclusive cover version of The Jam's Going Underground.
Strictly limited to 1500 copies ONLY.

You can also download the following from April 16th...

Every Song
(exclusive previously unreleased track)
Never Know
(demo version) (exclusive unreleased track)
Exclusive live versions of 4:am Forever

Whilst in the UK you can purchase 2
7" records with b-sides and a CD single
from April 23rd

edit2* new myspace blog from visible noise:

new covers. hm.
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