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random bits and bobs :)

i finally got my scanner working again so i thought i'd scan a few bits and bobs for you guys! sorry about my not so great scanning but all are readable...
both in relation to kerrangs top 100 gigs.
:O at the terribly bad spelling mistake.
i love these guys!
company magazine maybe? august time.
disorder magazine (november issue wit hthe mighty boosh on the cover) about the reading festival appearance.

not a great deal but something none the less :)
let's get this place buzzing again yes? i'll happily start scanning weekly kerrang articles if people would like them ? :)
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the story of drunk jamie is way funny hahhaha. aww poor guy!
Two spots in the top 100 gigs? YES!

Sean loves Kobrakai (why did they write Kobrakei?!) :D I love this man, I love than entire band!


thanks so much for the scans! btw i love your icon